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Rock Pickers

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ELHO Scorpio 550

ELHO Scorpio 550



- Wide collecting area, durable body structure, large tandem wheels


- Fully hydraulic – nothing breaks if blocked, the power is automatically transferred to where it is needed                                                                                   

- Pickup rotor: can be reversed, equipped with large, strong and flexible tines


- Sieve steel bars are exchangeable, every other one is removable

- Large stone hopper with high ground clearance 

Pick Rocks Efficiently! 

Picking stones efficiently, a fully functioning sift, a large working width and durability of the machine have been the main goals when creating the Scorpio.


The machine is equipped with, among other things, a fully hydraulic drive, which directs the power to where the demand is greatest. This prevents the machine from breaking down if it gets blocked. The large and durable lifting tines are flexible in all directions. The tines do not break if the machine gets blocked and they also endure reverse motion.

Every steel bar in the sieve is replaceable and every other sieve steel bar can be removed. The distance between the sieve bars is 40–110 mm. Every other bar is mounted at a different height to prevent wedging.

The wide side rake tines are made of Hardox steel and are firmly welded onto the rotor tube. The rotor bearings are built into the steel tube, which makes it highly durable. The side rakes can also be reversed. The side rakes are positioned to prevent the stones from wedging between the rake rotor and the frame structure.

Scorpio has a large hopper, with a tipping height of 2,7 meters. This way it can easily reach over the sides of a big trailer. The back wall of the hopper also sifts out the soil. The side plates and the hopper lid plate are made of Hardox steel.

Scorpio has a sturdy frame, a telescopic drawbar with collision guard, wide rakes, large tandem wheels, and is fully hydraulic driven.

The automatic depth adjustment is of course also hydraulically operated. The machine keeps track of the ground actively. The adjustable depth function has two depth settings that can be manually overridden by the driver’s commands. With automatic depth adjustment, the driver doesn’t need to keep track of the ground, especially in dusty conditions with poor visibility.

The ELHO Scorpio work terrain is not only the removal of stones from farm fields but also, for example, from roads, other types of fields, renovation sites and construction sites of green infrastructure. The Scorpio 550 is very suitable for contracting.

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Marv Says

"In over 40 years in the equipment business, I don't remember selling a product with higher customer satisfaction."


Tractor power requirement, min/max, kW *)                                         90-140

Recommended tractor hydraulic pump size min, l/min                        110

Hydraulic flow max, l/min                                                                        85

Working width, m                                                                                     5,5

Collect stones from - to, mm **)                                                              40-400

Stone hopper size (useful), m3 **)                                                          1.5-2

Tipping height, m.                                                                                    2,7

Working depth, cm                                                                                  0-7

Driving speed, km/h                                                                                 1-7

Pick-up lifting tines, pcs                                                                           16

Pick-up tine lifting force, kg                                                                     400

Pick-up tine flex up from screen, mm                                                     210

Screen size, mm                                                                                       40

Wheels, tandem                                                                                       560/60-22,5

Rake wheels                                                                                             26x12.00-12

Weight, kg                                                                                                 6800**

Length, m                                                                                                  7,2

Width, m                                                                                                    3

Height, m                                                                                                  3

 *) The tractor weight and power is determined based on the conditions
**) Without brakes, the weight is 6600 kg

X = Standard • O = Option • – = Not available

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