Agro Trend Bins                             by Metco Inc.

All bins include a quick attach spout. 

Bins are powder coated with a layer of high quality primer and tough top coat.

      Agro Trend Tote Bins are available in 50 bushel capacity. Designed for  handling up to one ton of seed with greater safety! Control product flow accurately to eliminate spillage and waste. 

       Agro Trend Mineral Bins are available in 50, 75 and 100 bushels capacity. Standard equipment includes a ladder to check bin levels. 

Continuous inside welds provide a strong leak proof bin. 

Four way enclosed tine access for the ultimate in strength and safety.


 Seed Tote

Colour     Red or Green

Capacity     50 bushel

Weight        500 lbs

Height         62"

Bin              48" x 60" plus discharge spout and handle

Optional hinged lid

Mineral Bin

Colour              Beige

Capacity           50, 75 or 100 bushel

Spout clearance  19"

Weight              525, 610 or 690 lbs

Height               86", 104 or 122"

Bin                   48" x 60" plus discharge spout and handle

Optional roof with 4" fill pipe available